For participants registered at the IAS meeting, EHVA is organising a satellite symposium to provide an overview of the latest developments in HIV prevention broadly, and prophylactic and therapeutic HIV vaccines in particular, as well as introduce key areas of work for EHVA. 


You can read about EHVA 1st year progress in the project publishable summary (link Pdf).

One Year

Our partner ISS welcomed us in Roma, Italy last March for the 2nd consortium meeting of EHVA. It was the opportunity to discuss the 1st year progress of the project and the future plans. 

ISS roma

This meeting gathered all EHVA partners for fine-tuning the planned work programme, in the presence of the EC project officer.

 paris biopark photo

The EHVA kick-off meeting took place on January 28-29th 2016 in Paris and gathered all project partners coming from 16 different countries (11 in Europe, 4 in Sub-Saharan Africa and the US) for fine-tuning the planned EHVA workprogramme. Meeting took place in the presence of a representative from the European Commission.



This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research
and innovation programme under grant agreement N° 681032