Further to our correspondence in December 2020, in which we noted the delay to the start of the EHVA-T02 therapeutic HIV vaccine trial due to COVID-19, we can report that the trial is now scheduled to be initiated in the early autumn, to allow for potential participants to have completed their COVID-19 vaccination. This decision has been guided both by the need to mitigate any potential risks due to COVID-19 in a trial with an analytic treatment interruption and regular hospital visits. As such, enrolment in the trial will require that participants will have completed their COVID-19 vaccination, with the last vaccination having taken place at least 28 days before receipt of the experimental HIV vaccine. The EHVA trial team anticipates, based on current national guidances, that people living with HIV will have had the opportunity to complete COVID-19 vaccination during the course of the summer in all 5 countries scheduled to participate in the trial. In anticipation of a potential need of COVID-19 booster vaccines as well flu vaccines during the trial, clinical investigators will time these enrollment of participants in such a way to avoid potential interference between such vaccinations and the experimental interventions by leaving a 28 day gap. EHVA continues to work closely with the community of people living with HIV through its partner the European AIDS Treatment Group in the planning of the EHVA T02 trial and appropriate safeguarding measures and information support for trial participants. 

For anyone with questions about how EHVA is impacted by and responding to COVID-19 or about the EHVA-T02 trial more broadly, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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