September 2016

IAVI Report is out and feature an interview from EHVA scientific coordinators, you can read it here

July 2016

First EHVA Newsletter is launched. Read here

Stefano Vella (PI from ISS) and David Wilson (Global HIV/AIDS Program Director, The World Bank, Washington, DC, USA) wrote a short commentary on their return from Durban, where they reaffirm the need for a vaccine to really curb the HIV epidemic.
The article is available to download for free (with registration) here 






  • EHVA at the STEPS HIV Cure Workshop Milan, Italy

    The STEPS seminar, held by the European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG) ahead of the 16th European AIDS Conference in Milan, also presented about the European HIV Vaccine Alliance.
    Presentation by Dr Felipe Garcia (collaborating researcher of EHVA), full report here.

  • EHVA 1st year Publishable Summary

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