Vaccine preparation

Paris, 22 November, 2022 – The European HIV Vaccine Alliance (EHVA) announces that the EHVA T02 / ANRS VRI07 trial, a randomized, placebo-controlled Phase II trial evaluating an investigational therapeutic HIV vaccine and immunotherapy drug, vedolizumab, for people living with HIV has been halted. The trial was initially planned to take place in France, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Paris, 30 June, 2022 – The European HIV Vaccine Alliance (EHVA) announces the start of the EHVA T02 / ANRS VRI07 trial, a phase II placebo-controlled randomised trial that will evaluate an experimental therapeutic HIV vaccine and an immunotherapy drug vedolizumab for people living with HIV. The trial is scheduled to take place at sites in France, Germany, Switzerland, and the UK. 

It is with great sadness that we mark the passing of Dr. Charles Boucher.


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